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The Haywood hospital is located in Burslem, Stoke on Trent.

Haywood Hospital
High Lane
Stoke on Trent


A map of the hospital is shown below and can be found at this link.



There are several buses serving the Haywood hospital. All the buses use the main road (High Lane) but some of the services marked with a star stop on Haywood road.

Bus services are as follows:-

  • 6 Kidsgrove - Meir Park
  • 6A Biddulph - Blythe Bridge
  • 62 /62A Burslem - Haywood hospital
  • 76/ 76A Middleport - Chell Heath
  • 77 Hanley to Congleton


The nearest rail station is Longport. 1.45 miles away or Stoke on Trent rail station 3.41 miles away

Car Parking

There is car parking available on site. There is disabled parking close to the main entrance. Parking at the Haywood does get quite busy so leave plenty of time for parking.

Car parking prices

Car parking prices are applicable over 24 hours.
Up to 4 hours £2.00
Up to 8 hours £4.00
Up to 24hours £8.00