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The outpatients department is located in the main building.

Clinic times

There is usually a morning clinic session and an afternoon session.

9.00 - 5.00: Monday-Thursday
9.00 - 1.00: Friday
Closed: Saturday and Sunday

There is also an evening clinic which runs once a month on a Thursday from 5.00 - 7.00pm.

Please read through the following questions for more information on outpatients, click on the question to reveal the answer.

What happens when I arrive at the outpatients department?

Please turn left when you come through the main hospital doors and book in at the outpatients reception desk. The clerk will retrieve your notes and a nurse will call you to the correct clinic, measure your blood pressure and ask you to provide a urine sample. You will be asked to sit in the waiting area and the doctor will then call you in when ready.

What should I bring with me?

Please bring your appointment letter with you and a full list of medications taken. You must attend your appointment, and cannot send someone else on your behalf. You may be asked to undress during your appointment in order to be properly examined so we ask you to wear appropriate loose clothing.

Can I bring someone with me?

You may bring someone with you but please keep to a minimum, as consulting rooms are quite small. Only guide dogs are permitted.

What happens if I am late?

We understand delays can occur.  If you are early you will not be seen more quickly, but if you are late, other patients who arrived on time may be seen before you.  If you arrive late it may not be possible for you to be seen or you may have to wait until the end of the clinic.

Why do other patients who arrive after me get called in first?

We run several clinics at the same time, not everybody is there to see the same doctor or nurse. You may also have arrived quite early for your appointment where the other patients arrived closer to their allocated appointment slot.

Can I leave the waiting area?

We ask you to remain in the waiting area to be called. If there is a long wait until your appointment and you leave the waiting area, please let a nurse know.

How can I cancel or rearrange my appointment?

Please ring 01782 673643 / 673644 to cancel or change your appointment. If you are a new patient and feel that you no longer need an appointment, then please let us know.

Why was my appointment cancelled?

There are several reasons we may have had to changes your appointment. We try our best to make other arrangements but sometimes there is no other option but to cancel your appointment and offer you the next available one which may not be for a few weeks.

Why am I seeing a nurse?

Advances in medicine and medical education means that the role of a nurse has expanded to allow experienced nurses to take on some of the roles that doctors would previously have done.

It's difficult to get to the Haywood? Can I go somewhere else?

Yes. We run outreach clinics with our community nurses for those who live further away. These clinics are for drug monitoring as these need to be held on a regular basis. Your consultation with a consultant doctor or nurse will usually need to be at the Haywood.

The outreach clinics are in the following locations

  • Longton cottage hospital
  • Madeley
  • Cheadle
  • Leek
  • Bradwell

What is a combined clinic?

A combined clinic has two doctors, one of which is a specialist in another field. If we feel that your condition would be better managed with the input from other specialities we may ask you to attend a combined clinic. For example somebody experiencing severe hand problems may be asked to attend a combined clinic where a hand surgeon is present.