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The physiotherapy department is located in the main building past outpatients and is signposted from the outpatients department.

The physiotherapist team has links with both inpatients and outpatients. Services include one to one physiotherapy sessions in outpatients, physiotherapy on the wards and using facilities such as the specialised gym or hydrotherapy.

The physiotherapy team consists of consultant, senior, junior and student physiotherapist all of which may be involved in your care.

Patients are referred to physiotherapy from the rheumatology department but also from the walk-in centre, GPs and other doctors from outside the Haywood hospital.

Opening times: 8.30-3.50 Monday to Friday.  Therapies Reception Desk: 01782 673561 / 673560.

Please read through the following questions for more information on physiotherapy, click on the question to reveal the answer.

Why have I been referred?

You may have been referred to physiotherapy for a number of reasons. These reason include:

  • Decreased range of movements
  • Decreased strength/ muscle weakness
  • Decreased mobility
  • Pain management

This list is not exhaustive but typical of patients referred by rheumatology.

What should I bring?

You don't need to bring anything, a list of medications is always useful to have on you but please remember to wear loose fitting clothes, be prepared to undress and perform exercises.

How long will the appointment last?

The initial appointment is approximately 40 minutes and this is for the assessment appointment. In this appointment we assess you and come up with a treatment plan identifying goals and needs. There is an opportunity for you to ask questions.

Any follow up appointment lasts 20 minutes. Each patient is different and will require a different number of follow up visits.

All appointments are flexible; we stick to patient needs so some appointments may be longer and some shorter.

How can I help myself?

Perform all instructed exercises given to you. It is very important for patients to take control of their own condition. We can advise the best exercises to maximise your treatment however we cannot perform the exercises for you. Don't give up on them!

Why do I have to go to the gym?

We may have asked you to come to our gym. This is because sometimes we cannot give you exercises that you can manage at home, or you need something a little bit more intensive. It is supervised at all times and a physio will instruct you on what to do.

Further information

Patient support groups

You may like to join some groups that help patients with particular diseases.  You need to be referred to these groups by your GP or a physiotherapist.

Arthritis care

This group is held on a Monday evening (6.30pm) at the hydrotherapy pool for patients with arthritis who found hydrotherapy beneficial.

Haywood foundation back pain group

Held on a Tuesday evening (6.30-9.00pm at the Haywood hydrotherapy pool) for patients with back pain.

National ankylosing spondylitis society (NASS)

Self help group for patients with ankylosing spondylitis. Held on Wednesday evening (7.00-8.30pm) includes hydrotherapy and gym sessions.