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Scotia Day Case Unit

Scotia Day Case Unit

Welcome to Scotia Day Case Unit at the Haywood Hospital.

The unit provides care and treatment for patients who have rheumatology problems but also has a role in treating rehabilitation problems. The unit also plays an important part in clinical research trials.

There are 8 chairs, 4 beds and 2 consulting rooms available on the unit. Opening hours: 8.30-4.30 closed on bank holidays.

The Day case unit team consists of:-

  • Our unit manager
  • 5 nurses
  • 1 healthcare support worker
  • A ward clerk
  • A housekeeper

We work closely with the occupational and physiotherapy departments, and also involve orthotics, x-ray, dietetics, and social services.

Please read through the following questions for more information on the day case unit, click on the question to reveal the answer.

Why have I been sent to the Day Case Unit?

The day case unit offers lots of different treatments and has the advantage of providing these services within a day.

What happens when I arrive?

You will be greeted by the ward staff and taken to either the chair or bed depending on which treatment or procedure you are having. The ward staff will do a few routine checks and ask a few questions before your treatment or procedure.

How long will my treatment last?

The treatments provided range in length of time. Joint injections can be done within the hour, however some of the infusions can last around 4 hours, in some cases longer.

Can I bring someone with me?

The Day case unit has limited space. We ask that you are dropped off and collected by someone as some treatments will mean you cannot drive home that day, however that person cannot stay during the treatment. There is no waiting area and we ask that relatives do not stay.

I am coming in over lunchtime; will I be provided with a meal?

No, the unit does not offer meals. However we can provide hot and cold drinks throughout the day. You are welcome to bring your own packed lunch.

I need to change my appointment, who do I contact?

Please call 01782 673618 to talk to any of the ward staff.

I am feeling unwell; can I still come in for my infusion?

If you experience diarrhoea and vomiting within 48hrs of your treatment we ask you to stay away from the ward. Please ring the ward staff for advice.

If you have an infection of any sort or have recently had an infection, please ring the ward staff for advice.

If you are diabetic, please advise the ward staff on the day.