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The Haywood Hospital is involved in both clinical and laboratory research and has a strong national and international reputation for its work.

The current programme of research includes studies on new therapies in arthritis, identification of disease markers, and cell and genetic studies on the mechanisms involved in development of arthritic diseases. We are particularly interested in how genetic factors may combine with environmental or lifestyle factors to affect arthritic diseases, and associated conditions such as heart disease.

The laboratory research team consisting of two technicians, two PhD students and a postdoctoral researcher is led by Dr Derek Mattey, Senior Scientist and Honorary Reader with Keele University.

The close collaboration between laboratory staff, research nurses and clinicians provides a strong team based approach for translating basic research into benefits for patients (a bench to bedside approach). The involvement of patients in research is crucial, and the willing participation of patients attending the Haywood Hospital over the past 20 years has helped to provide important information about how arthritis progresses and the best ways of treating the disease.